Futures Thinking

I would say that when it comes to things like the google home and alexa there’s definitely a cross into the worlds of surveillance / privacy / agency. If futures thinking is the idea of looking at something that intersects what is Plausible and what is Probable, vs. fantasy, then I would think scenarios around the IoT that cross over into aspects of machine learning is where this cone can be aimed at.

Right now the IoT is either a fancy set of buttons, or notifies. But it does have the ability to move into SPIME-dom, its like a new iteration of proto-SPIME. The concept of something akin to a Hyperobject that is tracked over its lifetime, but can also become a physical incarnation of its journey and data. I think in the next 5 years, you’re going to see IoT items gain more of a sense of autonomy in terms of their capability through learning, an networking. Without going into total fantasy of Rise of The Machines, think more of an object that can predict, or consider, or play off things. Again its that idea of something that partially materializes in the world for you, but also has a foot in the world without you.