Running Through The Six With My (networking) Woes

So, as mentioned before, part of the challenge of this thesis is literally just working w/ networks around school. Its a clunky process, and if something goes wrong, I have no way of troubleshooting stuff really. The clearpass end of the network is mysterious, and I’m not sure if there’s a VPN going on in there, or what is happening.

I do know tho, that ngrok runs on the Network I Cannot Name but Can Connect To. And this gives me something to work with.

Enter my friend R. R has worked for [a large company I can’t talk about], for A Long Time, and R knows how to navigate this kind of world. So w/ R on hand we’re exploring some networking options, and man is it ever frustrating. Mostly because Apache is like a weird world of black magic that I don’t understand right now. But also because moving parts.