Project Road Map

I can’t really answer this one at this point. Right now. I’d just like to have something nailed down for fall. I should have all my experiments with my independent study done by the end of summer, this should give me a wide scattershot to think about what I could put together. I know as a rough thing, I’d like to have all my prototyping done sometime around January. But right now? I’m only thinking about summer, and August goes like this

1) Finish Google home one shot for CFC
2) make a list of some limitations and thoughts on how it went
3) Go back to my independent study and finish my one item a week until August 25th
4) Meet w/ PA after August 25th and boil down what was interesting, what wasn’t and what worked.
5) Figure out maybe a final item to explore, or some vignettes to consider
6) Start reading Design for Living with Smart Products and make some better notes for Alien Phenomenology
7) Compile written things into one google drive so I can find stuff easier when its done.
8) Set up an instagram to record work and research stuff in

So that’s my august road map.