So, we had this thing where we were asked to make a flow chart about how someone would experience this work. And I have to level here, I’m not good at charts and mind maps. I make lists, or do word association, or just toss it out there and try it out.

In the case of this google home assistant that doesn’t assist you, I have some thoughts:

Here are some key words about the interaction I’d like to build: Annoying. Frustrated. Disconcerting. Unsettled. Weireded-out. Familiar. Peripheral.

Placement Thoughts: It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a home environment. Maybe its something someone packed away and forgot about, maybe something happened and it ended up outside. Maybe it was ‘placed’ somewhere outdoors. Part of me really wants to hide it somewhere and then just do some documentation. I feel like, if its not serving you, then it doesn’t have to illicit you to find it. Nor does it have to be in a familiar space.

Scenario 1 (onsite somewhere_: You are walking down [a hallway, a corridor, a pathway], and you hear something talking, but you don’t know what it is. It sounds jumbled up. You follow it, and find a google home [on a chair, in a garden, on a patio]. It is chanting. Approaching it does nothing, saying “Hey Google” causes it to consider you, then goes back to its chanting. You consider your options, do you leave it? Do you not?


  • Approaching it does nothing
  • Approaching it causes it to stop totally
  • Speaking to it, causes it to pick out parts of your scentance to work into its own lists

Scenario 2: You are minding your own business writing something, and suddenly your google home flips on and starts reading random lists. It refuses to stop. The volume continues to increase over time until its almost like it is yelling. You unplug it, but nothing changes. After a little while, it beeps a small pattern and goes to sleep. You still have no idea WTF just happened.

Scenario 3: It is in a standard gallery space. It is alone, in a room, with one pin light. It chatters incessantly. Users can observe it, they can try and talk to it, but the home-bot doesn’t really care. It just continues chattering. Sometimes it stops and listens to you, and picks up a word or two, but never does what you tell it. It just continues chattering to itself, until a prescribed time when it falls asleep for a bit.