Divination Bot

There’s always some weird stuff around other worldliness and computers. Especially in sci-fi. The omnipresent being, the all knowing system, the computer that will predict the future. That somehow a thing we built will surpass its worldly bounds, and be associated with the cosmos in some way. Something bigger than us. Something alien.

But divination is mostly just a system. Its a system that works if you believe it works. Its something we made, and then imprinted on to an object. In a way it could be a form of idol worship, but it could also be a way to just up and blame the universe sometimes for a flat tire. Which honestly, in the age of Late Capitalism, if this is something that makes you feel alright, then I don’t see the issue.

My talented friend Alanna, and I started playing around w/ an absurd divination system last week, and we thought it might be an interesting fit for the deconstructed, Alexa. In a lot of ways, Amazon wants Alexa to be a general device. Something you use for a bunch of things, which is funny, because its a very specific kind of interface. In this case we’re taking that and making a very specific device that does a very specific thing for a very specific person.

I think we’ll spend some time actually making it into an object in and of itself as well. It might be encased in resin or acrylic, and be a weird wall hanging. It might have totems associated with it, or be wrapped w/ a fur, or have a strange paint job. We’ll see. The challenge right now is how to take it from a one off command program into something more conversational.

Also, I mean you’re going to be conversing with a printer, which I will admit I ripped off from the Heart of Gold’s ticker tape math read out about normality. But I still find it funny.