Interm Documentation (2)

So. Here’s a few things. Some small documentation for Calendar Creep and Parrot. I think I’d like to develop Parrot into a bot only back and forth broken telephone thing. Just to see what they get from one another.

Interim Documentation

This week I focused on doing some interim documentation including some videos. I grabbed a lamp from china town to shield the Hue bulb, but now I’m thinking about how I’d really like to make my own hanging lamp for this home. Something that represents how it feels, or that works with its emoting. I put together a pinterest board to start thinking of shapes. I still need to layout an image, but I’m going to follow the same array of stuff layouts I used in my independent study, except using as many items as I can think of.

The interaction is better, but it’s still somewhat static. I’d like to start working in some contexts with the device. So that when you ask it things like “what’s the weather” it remembers that you are talking about weather, and responses w/ something sort of evil, but related. Maybe it remembers you asked about that and decides you’re boring in addition to being bothersome.

I’ve been trying to think about where OOO and OOF can fit into this. I think there are things that can be touched on in terms of embodiment, but also bias. It’s weird how people I know refer to the devices as “she”, and even I find myself picking the female voice option for the google home vs the male one. There’s also the idea of things doing actions for themselves, or one another, vs you.

Some difficulties I had this week around filming were mostly due just to my lack of experience making videos. I ended up w/ some background machine hum, and realized that next time around, I’m going to have to mic the device, or think of a location that doesn’t have totally exposed HVAC. I’m going to have to do a better job of white balancing things as well. It is kind of neat how the Hue lights are so bright though. I forgot they were 800 lumens each.