Fortune Tasker

This isn’t getting weird at allllll.

So for the next round of mute Alexa fortune teller, Alanna and myself decided to do some styling work. I think it came out pretty well, and it fits with our combined aesthetic. We also decided to call it Fortune Tasker, and add a task at the end of the fortune that you could complete that day if you wish. I may expand on that later on.

I really like this particular experiment. I’m really interested in taking consumer products and re-using them for things that they aren’t supposed to do. But also subverting their function into very specific things, for specific people. This is an item I would just keep in my home, Alanna as well, would like this somewhere at home. I enjoyed making a custom case of sorts for the Alexa, and am thinking it might be interesting to just make a bunch of different style experiments w/ disassembled Alexas in the future.

A few interesting things we found: The printer firmware doesn’t really do upside down, tho I’m looking into why that is. Skulls are very difficult to hollow out, and Umbra is a good spot to find weird shelves.