The Shape Of Things

Yesterday I set up for midterm crit, and as usual, the networks at school all imploded on me. I’m not sure if it was one of the devices that had a firmware update, or something on the network, but my google home just stopped connecting. I have a bad relationship with internet at school. Namely that I consistently run into problems getting things set up, things that take 10 minutes can take hours in the institution because of security, permissions, and work arounds.

So today rather than doing anything else for crit, I started making weird LED shapes. I’ve been thinking a lot about Katherine Beher’s E-Waste, and I really like the strange shapes they came up with, and back story about just USB devices that got taken over by the earth. I thought about making some custom Alexa cases with that in mind. But also thinking about how I can envelop notifiers, or peripherals.

I also found out that if you take an Echo Dot apart, it will still work, but its mute unless you hook it up to a speaker. I thought that maybe figuring out another way for a mute alexa to communicate might be interesting. Maybe it uses the thermal printer, or morse code, or just blinks. Anyways, here’s a start to this LED shape thing.