System Diagrams

I’ve been thinking about what kind of systems I could set up to work with things. OCADU on-site is proving to be difficult because the main WiFi is enterprise, which is incompatible with most IoT devices. And even in the case of the shadow WiFi, there’s some limitations. The Hue lights are lovely to work with, but their lack of remote API is a bit annoying, as I have to filter everything through IFTTT.

Home could be run on a raspberry pi. Ideally, I’d like to host my webhook there, and take advantage of Hue’s zigbee / local protocol.

My dev setup for just working, involves exposing a local port, and using ngrok to make a secure tunnel.

IFTTT is usually alright, except I do notice some delays. I need to restructure some code to hopefully make it a bit smoother.