IAMD – Glitch

Glitch was maybe my most dis-engaged project in IAMD. I mean, I should be all over this. But I’ve been in glitch for a while, and I sort of drew a large blank on what to do. So I went back to some of my photoshoppy routes and decided to edit facebook photos of me. I took myself out of my own history, and just replaced myself with a kernel panic.

I’ve been trying to think of some common threads in most of my stuff, and Paulette suggested that things like randomness, or chance, are sort of there, and humour. Most ppl comment on my weird humour. I’m still not quite sure. I just know that I like weird things.

Anyways, this how these turned out. People really liked them. So maybe there’s something there for remix. I did find out some interesting things. Like for example, there’s a specific year I stopped letting people take photos of me. And that I have certain poses. Or that I’m