IAMD – Force

Force was hard. It was hard to do. It was hard to program. It was hard to instal. I was having a lot of feelings that week, and it was, quite frankly, hard to contain.

For force I used something I had built at the start of the year. I seem to be doing that a lot lately. Going back to past things, and digging through to see if there’s something I can update, or re-use. In some ways it feels like cheating, but in other ways, its like giving something a new life.

Anyways. I had this heart beat. This terrible, gutteral heartbeat. Originally it was a basic squeeze button, that the heart beat would get louder and faster the longer you held on. But for force, I turned it the heart beat into the room.

I trashed a room, installed a skull in it, and made it respond to distance. Originally I was going to make a shrine in the crit room, but that got taken over by everyone. So I made a makeshift temple out of chairs and did it in an empty class room.

Neat things to note: It was wireless, and it was pretty creepy!