Reading Response – Post Humanism

I know these video responses might seem kind of cheeky. But really, post-humanism is wrapped in thinking about you as an entity, but not quite you. We spend a lot of time thinking about WHO we are, and how we are reflected in our own tech. From avatars, to data, to interactive representations. I really believe that we are all already cyborgs, and while reading things from 1991 is historically interesting, it doesn’t feel tied to the way we are now, in 2017. Its a base, and a layer, and there’s been a lot of things built up on top of that since then.

Regardless. I love memes. And I feel that memes, and memedom is a weird side-effect of our continual cyborg-ing. Born in the internet, set free to live, and grow, and die, there’s a weird kind of Chaos Magick that comes w/ memes.

So when I found the expanding brain meme, which has been done with everything from words to pizza, I figured: Yup that fits.

Cyborgism…finding out who you are by making memes about it.