Ah. Theory. Right-o.

I have problems with Digital Theory.

Mostly because I feel like most things I read are a stretch and a half. Maybe I’m old? Maybe its become so common place that I don’t think about it. I just know that reading Digital Theory makes my head hurt. Because there’s only so far you can analyze shit like hyperlinks or VR.

I mean if you want to get down into it, sci-fi always does it first.

iPads? Star Trek. VR? Lawnmower Man. The Internets? Hackers. AI 2001. etc…

I think examining the outright weird ass Libertarianism that comes with most of The Net is waaaaaaay more out there than trying to stretch digitized photos into some kind of benchmark. I mean it is…but its not the same. Like maybe we should just be reading zines, and old geocities sites, and 2600.

Old pieces of servers left around to find. Relics. Floppy disks full of bad fan-fic. I feel that is more theory of the digital than a lot of the theory I read.

Maybe its just me? Probably just me.