Digital Theory – Wrap Up

Ok. So I’m not going to try and pretend that I did notes and weekly reading responses in Digital Theory. To be quite honest, I really lost track of a lot of things this semester because I didn’t set alarms, or make weekly deadlines for myself. In some cases, even after engaging w/ the material, I still just slid out. I don’t know why, its a thing I do sometimes.

But. Here’s the thing: I don’t hate theory.

It took me a while, but I started to read theory that made sense for me to read. From ym assigned protocol reading, I was introduced to Thacker. And his writing about Nihilism tied to horror genres really resonates with me. Everything from the idea of demons, to tying the occult circle into concepts of play. It just makes a lot of sense. Talking about New MAterialism led me to remember artists like Chris Johnson. And I have a new appreciation for Donna Haraway, as her older stuff is now open for critique, but her newer writings about kin stick with me quite a bit.

I’m not very good at archiving. But I’m trying to get better at it. I feel like I’m starting to get settled into some theory that I actually like.

I gotta say tho. I do feel a little done with Baudrillard.

And I still think Science Fiction has a very large influence on all of our speculative futures.

Probably larger than we understand.