Gone Home – Find All The Things

So. I’m not going to post a video. Instead I’m just going to blog about Gone Home, and how I played it when it first came out.

Gone Home is an explorative story game from The Fullbright Company. You get home after a year away, and notice the house is super empty. Something isn’t right, so you spend time investigating what happened by going through things in the house. Eventually you find out that your sister is a lesbian and has run away w/ their high school partner. That’s a blunt description, but its done so well through finding notes, and zines, and tapes, and all sorts of things. Kotaku does a better waaaaay write up of it than me.

I played the game to find out the story, which didn’t take long. Then I found the secondary story and it was HELLA DEPRESSING.

omg what is happening?

I then spent about 9 more hours just going back, and poking around the house. I collected toilet paper rolls, and books, and toys. I tried placing things in the weird satanic circle to see if anything would happen. I stacked things in the hallway. I moved things randomly around to different rooms and sorted them.

Eventually just messing around w/ the environment and putting tapes in the tape player became WHY I played the game. ”


Apparently I was not the only who did this. And it become sort of an online thing.

all the things

I made up weird “hide the things” short games. Where I would take an object, and put it somewhere, and then had the controller to a friend and see if they could find it.

Basically I just started playing Gone Home as a weird series of collection side quests.

Sadly though, I never did get anything to happen with that satanic circle.

Oh and btw, yes, you can buy a button pack of all the buttons.